The 1st Ever HMMS 7th Grade B.A.S.H. (Quarantine Week 4)

My fellow quarantiners, it is time for a different kind of activity. This will play into your favorite things, as well as some subject matter. This is our 1st ever, HMMS 7th Grade B.A.S.H. The B.A.S.H. is an activity that is a treasure hunt. The treasure hunt covers 5 different categories: All About You ELA […]

At-home Blog, Week 1? Maybe?

Hey friends, We are getting used to a different way of communication now. We have been asked to “Stay at Home.” While this is odd, this does isolate us some from some of our family, our friends, and classmates. I know some of you want to get back to school, back to the routine. I […]

Lesson Plans for the Week of 3/9

Good afternoon parents and students, I hope everyone is doing ok after all we have went through the past week. My apologies on the previous email. I copied the wrong info to the previous email. Below is the lesson plans for this coming week. Due to the time we have left, I will allow students […]

Lesson Plans for the Week of 3/2

Good morning parents and students, I hope the weekend went well, and you got to spend some time outside yesterday in the beautiful weather. The lesson plans below are for this week. We are a touch behind, so we will be playing catch up this week for a day, then off to the races for […]

Lesson Plans for the Week of 2/24

Good morning parents and students, I hope the week has been well for everyone. We have a lot of events happening here at Head this week. Thursday there will be a mini-collaboration for students in all grades. More info is to come for the students this week. Please take note of what is coming up […]

Flowers for Sale (Blog Week 7)

This week, we are looking at different types of plants. Please list the following: 1. List a plant that reproduces sexually. 2. List a plant that reproduces asexually.   ***Please note, no repeats.*** Happy hunting!

Lesson Plans for the Week of 2/17

Good morning parents, There is a lot going on in this 4 day period. Here’s what to know: -We will be testing on Thursday instead of Tuesday. The test will be online as opposed to on paper. The test will be graded immediately, and the score will be put into Infinite Campus as soon as […]

What Does Your Body Do? (Blog Week 6)

This week’s blog is looking at Body Systems, and how they work together. You have been given a slip of paper for your blog. You are to use it to answer the following: What is the primary (the first) Body System that is used? List all the other Body Systems that your body uses when […]

Lesson Plans for the Week of 2/10

Good afternoon parents and students, I hope that everyone enjoyed the day off. It was definitely necessary and I think it helped to reset myself, and hope it did for your child as well. For last week, we had a change of course. We focused on DNA and translation. This will be combined with the […]

Lesson Plans for the Week of 2/3

Parents and students, Please note that the recovery work and retake form for the Spongebob Genetics are due to me by noon on Monday in order to retake it by Wednesday. Please make sure it is submitted by Monday.   Lesson Plans for the Week of 2/3 Monday – Today we will discuss how DNA […]

what do you think of the project? (Blog Week 4)

After completing this project, it;s now time to reflect. I am asking the following for this week: Give a couple sentence over the project. Did you like it, not like it, and why. If you could go back and change one thing in your project, what would you have changed, and why? What one roadblock […]

Lesson Plans for the Week of 1/27

Lesson Plans for the Week of 1/27/20 Monday – Today we will wrap up heredity and begin work on DNA and what it is. Homework – Complete blog week 3. It is due by 10 PM tonight. Read pgs. 290-293. Have the Spongebob Genetics Recovery work ready for a signature by Monday morning.   Tuesday […]

Let the Debate Continue! (Blow Week 3)

This past Friday, we were involved in a debate over Designer Babies. Your task for this week is to extend the debate. You are to do 2 parts: Give 1 pro and 1 con for designer babies. Find a pro or con someone said. List what that person stated. Use quotation marks. Then, give a […]

Lesson Plans for the Week of 1/20

Happy 3-day weekend parents and students, I hope you will enjoy this mini-break and enjoy the time off together at some point. Here are a few things to note about the upcoming weeks: *I have received only 1 retake form signed thus far for the Chapter 6 test. Your child has only 2 weeks left […]

Genetic Traits You Have

Below is a list of genetic traits you have, and whether they are dominant or recessive. Have fun looking! Dominant Recessive Low heart rate High heart rate Widow’s peak straight hair line Facial dimples * No facial dimples Able to taste PTC Unable to taste PTC Unattached (free) earlobe Attached earlobe Clockwise hair direction (left to right) […]

We Live a Good Life (Blog Week 2)

The statement in the title is true. We have so many things to be thankful for in this life. In this week’s blog, you were given a chromosome disorder that occurs in meiosis. I would like for you to research this disorder and report back with the following: The name of your disorder. What does […]

Lesson Plans for the Week of 1/13

Lesson Plans for the Week of 1/13 Monday – Today we will quiz over genetics. Homework – Tonight the blog for week 1 is due. Make sure it is completed by 10 PM.   Tuesday – Today will be a lab over what genes we have. This lab helps to reinforce genotypes and phenotypes. Homework […]

How Does Genetics Affect You? (Blog Week 1)

This week, we are wading into the gene pool! I will be your lifeguard. The gene pool rules are: *Do not dive head-first into the gene pool. *Do not bring any food or drink into the gene pool. *Watch out for all the dominants and recessives around you.   Your task for this week as […]

Lesson Plans for the Week of 1/6

Parents and students, Welcome back! I hope everyone enjoyed their time off and enjoyed the time together with your family. With the New Year now here, let’s start the semester off on the right foot. Make sure to stay up-to-date on your work. Just to let you know, we will be focusing more towards TN […]

Lesson Plans for the Week of 12/13

Good afternoon parents and students, We are entering exam week this week. Be sure that your child is studying over the weekend. It is vital to being successful. The exam will be 75 minutes in length, and be 75 multiple choice questions. It will cover any material from the 6 chapters studies thus far.   […]

Lesson Plans for the Week of 12/9

Lesson Plans for the Week of 12/9 Monday – Today is the test over Chapter 6. This test will be part of the next 9 weeks grade. The Cell City Project retake is due today. Homework – The blog for week 8 is due by 10 PM tonight.   Tuesday – Today we will review […]